Safety and quality

MPA Pharma stands for premium quality and professionalism

MPA Pharma is an authorised manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and hence subject to the highest quality assurance standards. Our safety measures begin in the business partner selection process, where we use audits to ensure that all work flows comply with legal requirements. 

We monitor and document all steps of the process, from researching new EU pharmaceuticals right through to the delivery of all pharmaceuticals in pristine condition. Our experts work hand in hand with one another to make sure that all EU pharmaceuticals are repackaged and stored correctly, and that only high-quality packaging materials in the corresponding national language are designed and used.

We implement extra controls that go beyond minimum legal requirements in order to safeguard the quality of the EU pharmaceuticals we distribute. Customers have the opportunity to visit our production facilities to see for themselves the rigorous standards in place throughout all of our processes.

National laws and European guidelines

All EU pharmaceuticals produced by MPA Pharma and distributed by its subsidiaries EMRAmed and Paranova comply with the relevant national drug law or the requirements of the European Medicines Agency: The distribution of nationally licensed EU pharmaceuticals in the form of parallel imports requires the approval of the national competent authorities. For centrally authorised pharmaceuticals, a notice of a completed notification procedure must be granted by the European Medicines Agency. 

At MPA Pharma, every single step in the production process conforms both to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and legal requirements of the applicable national regulations. Our GMP-compliant quality management system is an important tool that enables us to safeguard the required quality of our products. 

Our pharmaceuticals are delivered in line with good distribution practices (GDP) and legal requirements of the applicable national regulations. We set high standards for the entire industry and put great care into selecting specialized logistic partners who can guarantee strict temperature control for our pharmaceuticals right through to delivery.